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Yo Mama's Like A....

Yo mama's like a race car driver... she burns a lot of rubbers.
Yo mama's like a railroad track, she gets laid all over the country.
Yo mama's like a screen door, after a couple of bangs she loosens up.
Yo mama's like a shotgun, one cock and she blows.
Yo mama's like a shotgun, two cocks and she's loaded.
Yo mama's like a hockey player, she only showers after three periods.
Yo mama's like a Toyota, "OOooh what a feeling!"
Yo mama's like a Toyota, "I love what she does for me!"
Yo mama's like a TV, even a 2 year old could turn her on.
Yo mama's like a vacuum cleaner... a real good suck.
Yo mama's like a vacuum cleaner... she sucks, blows, and then gets laid in the closet.
Yo mama's like a tube of Pringles, once you pop, you can't stop.
Yo mama's like an ice cream cone... everyone gets a lick.
Yo mama's like a 5 foot tall basketball hoop, it ain't that hard to score.
Yo mama's like a Ford Pinto, she blows after she gets banged in the rear.
Yo mama's like the Panama Canal, vessels full of seamen pass through her everyday.
Yo mama's like a refridgerator, everyone puts their meat in her.
Yo mama's like cake mix, 15 servings per package!
Yo mama's like an elevator, guys go up and down on her all day.
Yo mama's like a window, always open.
Yo mama's like Denny's... open 24 hours.
Yo mama's like McDonalds... Billions and Billions served.
Yo mama's like McDonalds... over 5 billion served world wide.
Yo mama's like McDonalds... What you want is what you get.
Yo mama's like peanut butter: brown, creamy, and easy to spread.
Yo mama's like mustard, she spreads easy.
Yo mama's like a pool table, she likes balls in her pocket.
Yo mama's like a parking garage, three bucks and you're in.
Yo mama's like a tricycle, she's easy to ride.
Yo mama's like the Pillsbury dough boy - everybody pokes her.
Yo mama's like lettuce, 25 cents a head.
Yo mama's like a moped, everyone rides her but they won't admit it.
Yo mama likes to applaud, 'cause she's got clap
Yo mama's so dirty, she has to creep up on
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